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Tom's Experience

With over thirty years of successful practice in the fields of social and mental health services  and non-profit management, Tom Butero decided to alter his direction. Now, Tom shares his passion for improving the lives of those in need by helping others find new and effective ways of doing the same. 

Our Approach

Tom's service includes a comprehensive assessment to help identify gaps and opportunities. Based on the results, he  will offer a suite of quality services that will help your organization grow and develop, whether it be in the areas of management and administration or to improve the quality of your direct program services. That’s how he works with you to ensure your success.

Why Us?

Collaboration is key. That's why Tom will give you the time and guidance you deserve.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skill-set or tool, call Tom today. Together with you, he'll create and refine your plan for success. Tom knows the value and importance of a team approach and he will work with you and for you.

About Tom Butero

Tom hold a masters degree in social work from George Williams  College in Illinois and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social  Worker (LICSW) in Massachusetts. He is a member of the National  Association of Social Workers.

Tom’s clinical  knowledge and experience are extensive, with specialties in the areas of  suicide prevention, family therapy and treatment services for  adolescents. Tom also brings a wealth of expertise in organizational  development, administration, and management training. His entire career has been with community-based agencies as both a direct practitioner and an administrator.

Tom  has taught courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels at  George Williams College, the University of Illinois, and Boston  University and has presented at numerous local, state, and national  conferences. 


Tom is an accomplished author and has written extensively on numerous topics. Tom's latest book:

Suicide Assessment, Intervention and Prevention: A Practitioner's Guide (2018), is now available through

Tom is also a regular contributor to Charity and has written several articles, including:

 The Top Ten Things Managers Should and Should Not Say

You Can Get Through This: Crisis Management Strategies

If the Grant Fits Write It

For the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation & Inspiration  (SOFII) in Great Britain:

Don’t Chase the  Dollars 

For the Massachusetts chapter National  Association of Social Workers:

 Diversity Training and Cultural Awareness: No Such thing as Too Much (Parts One & Two) 

Consultation and Training Services

With over thirty years of direct service and management experience as well as hundreds of training events, Tom can meet the diverse needs of your organization from a perspective that is both time tested and yet flexible enough to be tailored to your individual circumstances.

Consultation Services

Organizational Development: Consultation services are available for any organization wishing to enhance its effectiveness. Areas of expertise include:

  • Organizational structure
  • Program design and evaluation
  • Management structure and   function
  • Board development
  • Strategic Planning

Clinical Consultation: Individual and group consultation services for all levels of care with an emphasis on family centered services. Formats include case presentations and mini-workshops on specific theoretical approaches and therapeutic techniques.

Training Programs


Supervisor and Management Training: Various topics related to management and supervision tailored for those just entering the field as well as experienced managers.  Selected topics include:

  • Discovering your own style of supervision and management
  • The top ten things supervisors should never say and should always try to say to their staff
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Managing  growth and change
  • Additional related topics can be developed to meet individual needs and interests

Training for the Practitioner: Individual and group consultation services for all levels of care with an emphasis on family centered services. Formats include case presentations, seminars and mini-workshops on specific theoretical approaches and therapeutic techniques. Selected topics include:

  • Developing Empathy and a Client Centered Perspective
  • Introduction to Family Therapy
  • Advanced Clinical Consultation
  • Adolescent Development 
  • Suicide and Suicide Prevention
  • Crisis Intervention

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